7 smart apps for your mobile phone

29 Mar 2023
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7 smart apps for your mobile phone

✅Quick Office
Quick Office is a miniature office suite that lets you create Word, Excel and PDF files directly on your mobile or tablet, as well as read and update existing files. You can also synchronize files with your computer. A useful program for those who are often on the move and need to manage text or numbers.
Available for iPhone, iPad and Android. Price SEK 121.

Say goodbye to all the calls and emails back and forth to find the perfect meeting time. In Calendly, you've already entered the times you are available, so your meeting partner can easily go in and choose a time that suits them. Perfect if you work in project management, sales, in an agency or in another profession where there are a lot of meetings. Save time and make yourself more available at times that suit you with Calendly!

A smart calendar is a must for anyone who wants to make their life easier with the help of their mobile phone. OmniFocus is a smart tool that contains everything you need from a calendar. You can create to-do lists, enter booked times in the calendar, write notes and use the built-in map.
Available for iPhone and iPad. Price: SEK 149.

✅Turbo Scan
What did we do with our lives before we could convert our documents to PDF? Not only that: Turbo Scan turns your iPhone into a scanner for documents, receipts, books, photos, white boards and any other type of text! Quickly and easily scan your multi-page documents into high quality PDFs or JPEGs, name them and then store and send them anywhere. Simplicity and usability in a dream combo.

Otter is the app that records and takes meeting notes for you in real time! At least for those who have their meetings in English. This allows you to stay focused on the conversation and ensure that all information (such as actions, highlights, photos, participants) is saved, searchable and shareable with your team. Sync Otter with your calendar to get reminders to record your meetings.

✅Car Care
Car Care is the app for those who want to keep track of their mileage, but not only that, but also other useful features such as mileage, fuel consumption, car maintenance, workshop visits and benefit value. Suitable whether you drive a company car or your own car.
Available for iPhone, iPad and Android. Free of charge.

Many entrepreneurs work on a project basis and it can be very difficult to calculate exactly how long a project will take. Maybe your projects are not as profitable as they could be. With the TimeLogger app, you can see in black and white how much time you spend on each project.
Available for iPhone, iPad and Android. There is both a free version and an extended version that costs SEK 15.

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