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Digihelp AB at the Industrimässan in Västerås 2023-09-28
September 30, 2023
Digihelp AB was at the Industrimässan in Västerås 2023-09-28!
The industry fair Industry Expo was organized by Automation Region in Västerås 2023-08-28. On site in Västerås was Digihelp AB and Ulrika Andreasen who...

August 16, 2023
To succeed with digitalization and automation, here are 10 tips!
1. Identify your business needs and goals Before you start implementing digitalization and automation, make sure to clearly define your business needs and goals....

Apps on mobile
April 13, 2023
7 tips for more useful apps!
7 Tips on several useful apps 💥 🚀💯 ✅Dropbox Dropbox makes it quick and easy to store information securely...

Apps on mobile
March 29, 2023
7 smart apps for your mobile phone
7 Smart apps for your mobile phone ✅Quick Office Quick Office is a miniature office suite that allows you to create files in Word,...

March 7, 2023
I am your "operator" when you need IT support.
New digital tools are constantly emerging. It is one of my tasks to keep myself and you updated with the latest...

March 4, 2023
Use AI to your advantage - ChatGTP is a new tool
What is ChatGPT? ChatGPT is a chatbot technology developed by OpenAI. It is trained with an advanced machine learning algorithm that allows it to...