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Lifestyle Media Partner AB, Sara Aggeklint

The assignment was to provide improvement suggestions to further automate financial flows and processes for Media Lifestyle Sverige AB, Sara Aggeklint. "Many thanks for this, very well done! . Have sent the documentation to the management team for further review and action. Very grateful!"

Compare Foundation - Peter Gunnebro, Digitalisation Coach Karlstad

Ulrika and the company Digihelp have on several occasions carried out consultancy assignments for us that have involved mapping the market for various digital solutions as a support to help small entrepreneurs in their digital development work. It is about useful and implementable functions to be used on websites as well as complex payment solutions. Ulrika has shown great commitment to her task and has delivered a very thorough and elaborate material that matches what we asked for.

Professional Association of Body Therapists, Desiree Blomberg

When we were in a hopeless situation with our implementation from a new CRM system to a new business system, Ulrika came as a saving angel and structured everything so it was easier for us to land right and know which paths to take. Had I known what I know today, we would have hired Ulrika from the start to help us with knowledge, project management and scheduling. She is incredibly competent, structured and it is clear that she wants the best for her clients.

Digihelp and Lindesberg municipality develops the countryside!
Lindesberg municipality
Inre Hälsa AB, Marie Andersson

Thank you for professional help and great commitment to solving all kinds of IT problems for me and my company. I am very satisfied and can highly recommend Digihelp.

Swedish Energy Agency

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent cooperation in your assignment with us at the Swedish Energy Agency.

Elicc AB, Eva-Lisa Persson

Digihelp has been a very big help for me and my company. I can highly recommend Digihelp Sverige AB!

Visit Värmland - Pernilla Bredberg, Project Manager and Mattila Fritid AB - Anders Solberg, Representative

The compilation that Digihelp has produced on digital marketplaces (OTAs), booking systems and payment solutions will be a useful tool and support for our visitor businesses in their digitalisation journey. For more information see

Thank you for your dedication to the missions you performed! Our colleagues at Visit Värmland are also impressed by the solid feasibility study you have done for Mattila Fritid AB, thank you!

Andre Liljemark
Torsby Traders' Association - Andre Liljemark, Representative

We hired Digihelp Sverige AB and Ulrika Andreasen as project managers for a feasibility study looking into the requirements for a new joint warehouse module with associated flexible cash register systems and web shop solutions. Ulrika produced a very professional, comprehensive and easy-to-understand report that described the advantages and disadvantages of each solution. Ulrika produced an analysis of 10 web shop solutions with 10 different checkout system solutions and the functionality of each was tested from both a user and accounting perspective using a fictional on-line sports shop as a test scenario. Based on the results of this analysis we chose Fortnox's warehouse module solution for our needs. Key determining factors in this choice were that it is easy to use and it is updated in real time so that no stock discrepancies can occur which could have an impact on monthly results. I cannot recommend Ulrika highly enough for the work which she carried out on our behalf. We are very satisfied with the quality and thoroughness of her work and would have no hesitation in encouraging other companies to engage her services.

Visma Talent Solutions AB – Åke Andreasson, Business Development Talent

Ulrika, who was my contact at Region Örebro County in projects regarding the training portal Saba (delivered by VismaComenius) is extremely purposeful and ran this agile development project in an exemplary and professional way and collaborated very well with everyone involved. Ulrika keeps deadlines, follows up on the projects and makes sure to follow the financial framework within the object. She created training materials, trained users and built long-term networks with other regions where she led and drove the development of the system. Ulrika implemented a cloud solution where new functionality is continuously updated. Ulrika led a team of 3 employees. I give Ulrika my very best recommendations." Åke Andreasson Business Development Talent at Visma Talent Solutions AB.

Visma reference
Get to know Digihelp

As the owner of Digihelp AB, Ulrika Andreasen's greatest passion is to develop your company/organization so that it is more efficient through the use of digital tools. She works with companies in the private and public sectors on complex IT deliveries. Digihelp was established to help companies and organizations with world-class digital services. Ulrika previously ran the accounting firm Din Ekonomikonsult in Värmland.

Ulrika Andreasen
Founder Digihelp

070 – 636 68 14

  • Responsible and introduced new IT system solutions at several large companies and organizations
  • 20+ years in senior positions at larger companies and in the public sector
  • Combines IT – finance so you get the best digitalisation help
  • Is certified in Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Is certified in ISO 27000, 9001, 14000 IT security, quality and environment
  • Economy system - Raindance - Agresso -Fortnox - Visma, X-or Compact - Softone
  • ERP system - SAP - Infor M3 - Scala - Baan - Mapaz- Heroma LPS - Saba - InfoCaption - Tilda
  • Business Intelligence (BI) - Click-View BI - Cognos - Power BI - Insight budget & forecast - BI - SAP
  • Programming - C#, SQL - ASP. NET- Java Script - HTML5 - ADO.NET Entity Framwork - Angular - Github - CSS

System Scientist and MBa