Your business system is your information hub

Business system

Take advantage of the power of an ERP system with our help

How to start? Our advice is to start with your business system. A modern and up-to-date powerful business system is a prerequisite for further digitalisation. The needs and demands of a digitised world place greater demands on the data your business provides.

Perhaps your company needs to supplement data from your various IT systems or automate your internal processes? Then perhaps a communications "integration" is needed to allow the systems to talk to each other and your business to make use of all the data that's there.


Exploit the possibilities of your business system

Could it be that you are not using all the modules of your business system? Or does your company need help with limited web applications on tablet, mobile, computer for your employees? Digihelp AB helps your company with all your questions about your ERP system. Web applications that are integrated with your company's ERP system and that retrieve data both externally and internally. Today the amount of information and integrations with machines is increasing. Passport controllers, scales, RFID tags, positioning services, and warehouse vending machines. The Internet of Things (IoT) will cause the amount of information to increase even further.

The business system is the core of your company's operations and helps you handle all transactions in real time. With the help of better communication with other system enhancements, we can provide the best help in order to streamline your company's processes.

  • Does your company lack communication between your different IT systems?
  • Does your company need help getting all the data out of your ERP system?

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How we work

Digihelp AB uses a unique analytical approach through its IT and financial expertise. When you hire Digihelp AB, we start by conducting a thorough analysis of your business needs by interviewing managers and employees. We walk you through your business needs and requirements for IT solutions. We deliver an IT solution that suits your business. We document and provide feedback to your company. Completed assignments in various industries in Sweden have resulted in many satisfied customers

Get to know Digihelp

As the owner of Digihelp AB, Ulrika Andreasen's greatest passion is to develop your company/organization so that it is more efficient through the use of digital tools. She works with companies in the private and public sectors on complex IT deliveries. Digihelp was established to help companies and organizations with world-class digital services. Ulrika previously ran the accounting firm Din Ekonomikonsult in Värmland.

Ulrika Andreasen
Founder Digihelp

070 – 636 68 14

  • Responsible and introduced new IT system solutions at several large companies and organizations
  • 20+ years in senior positions at larger companies and in the public sector
  • Combines IT – finance so you get the best digitalisation help
  • Is certified in Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Is certified in ISO 27000, 9001, 14000 IT security, quality and environment
  • Economy system - Raindance - Agresso -Fortnox - Visma, X-or Compact - Softone
  • ERP system - SAP - Infor M3 - Scala - Baan - Mapaz- Heroma LPS - Saba - InfoCaption - Tilda
  • Business Intelligence (BI) - Click-View BI - Cognos - Power BI - Insight budget & forecast - BI - SAP
  • Programming - C#, SQL - ASP. NET- Java Script - HTML5 - ADO.NET Entity Framwork - Angular - Github - CSS

System Scientist and MBa