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Streamline your systems with the help of an IT consultant

Does your company need the extra support of an IT consultant for a shorter or longer period? Does your company need to make a business analysis or automate parts of your processes?

Hire an IT expert when needed and let us help you with complex projects with an IT consultant or project manager. We offer interim staffing as an IT consultant, project manager, requirements manager, BI consultant, economist for short or long term assignments.

We work with Scaaler IoT, IT-Fokus to deliver complex IT projects.'


Examples of assignments in IT consultancy we have experience in

  • Ex. Pilot project with the task of shortening the lead time for payments to the customer at a public authority as project manager. The project involved setting requirements, pilot study for payment with virtual payment cards.
  • Demanded, newly developed and followed up a new module in the education portal - conference management and prices for 50 external conferences and 300 educations / year with report part integrated into the existing financial system.
  • Saved 233% by negotiating fixed contracts with vendor (300-hour projects took 1000 hours).
  • "Business Consultant Private Sector – Created tools that updated inventory balance in real time (daily) by developing web solution for scanning purchased material for the automotive industry.
  • Business consultant – Private sector – Carried out investigative assignments e.g. investigation of inventory difference of SEK 1 million.
  • "Business consultant – Private sector e.g. Led process of requirement management and specifications (against retail companies) for BI solutions within budget/forecasting tools for financial systems as consolidated results for 5 departments"
  • Created 34 instructional videos with step-by-step guides in managing invoices.
  • Stainless steel
  • Automotive industry
  • Automotive
  • IT consulting industry
  • Public sector
  • Health and medical care
  • Rail sector
  • Transport sector
  • Electronics industry
  • Accounting industry
  •  "Ulrika is very good at taking responsibility and pushing and getting results quickly. I have appreciated that."
    Lena Kjellerup, Project Manager Arbetsförmedlingen
  • " Ulrika is very good as a manager and takes responsibility and always gives us quick answers and feedback when we need help" Ylva, Employee
  • "Ulrika is very quick to make decisions and you can contact Digitalisation Help AB with confidence" Helen, Sales Manager
  • "Ulrika, who was my contact at Region Örebro län in the project regarding the education portal Saba (which was delivered by VismaComenius) is extremely determined and ran this agile development project in an exemplary and professional way and collaborated very well with all involved. Ulrika meets deadlines, follows up on projects and makes sure to stay within the budget of the project. She created training materials, trained users and built long-term networks with other regions where she led and drove the development of the system. Ulrika implemented a cloud solution where new functionality is continuously updated. Ulrika led a team of 3 employees. I give Ulrika my very best recommendations."
    Åke Andreasson, Business Development Talent at Visma Talent Solutions AB.
  • Does your company need IT help for a shorter or longer period of time?
  • Do you need a project manager, requirement maker or BI consultant or other technical expertise?
  • Do you miss opportunities because you don't have time to handle incoming information?

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How we work

Digihelp AB uses a unique analytical approach through its IT and financial expertise. When you hire Digihelp AB, we start by conducting a thorough analysis of your business needs by interviewing managers and employees. We walk you through your business needs and requirements for IT solutions. We deliver an IT solution that suits your business. We document and provide feedback to your company. Completed assignments in various industries in Sweden have resulted in many satisfied customers

Get to know Digihelp

As the owner of Digihelp AB, Ulrika Andreasen's greatest passion is to develop your company/organization so that it is more efficient through the use of digital tools. She works with companies in the private and public sectors on complex IT deliveries. Digihelp was established to help companies and organizations with world-class digital services. Ulrika previously ran the accounting firm Din Ekonomikonsult in Värmland.

Ulrika Andreasen
Founder Digihelp

070 – 636 68 14


  • Responsible and introduced new IT system solutions at several large companies and organizations
  • 20+ years in senior positions at larger companies and in the public sector
  • Combines IT – finance so you get the best digitalisation help
  • Is certified in Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Is certified in ISO 27000, 9001, 14000 IT security, quality and environment
  • Economy system - Raindance - Agresso -Fortnox - Visma, X-or Compact - Softone
  • ERP system - SAP - Infor M3 - Scala - Baan - Mapaz- Heroma LPS - Saba - InfoCaption - Tilda
  • Business Intelligence (BI) - Click-View BI - Cognos - Power BI - Insight budget & forecast - BI - SAP
  • Programming - C#, SQL - ASP. NET- Java Script - HTML5 - ADO.NET Entity Framwork - Angular - Github - CSS

System Scientist and MBa