Harnessing the power of digitalization in 2024

13 Dec 2023
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Work smarter with digital IT tools!

What can you get help with in the field of IT and digitalization?

Now you can harness the power of the benefits of digitalization. Or if you need help?

You can apply for digitization vouchers and be reimbursed for 50% of the costs. Clarification is that your own company is responsible for half the cost of the effort. Your company can receive a grant of up to 50% of the costs. The lowest cost is SEK 100,000 which can provide a grant of SEK 50,000 and the highest cost is SEK 500,000 which can provide a maximum of SEK 250,000 in grants. In summary, the reimbursement can vary from region to region.

💥The project will use digital technology to create new value in the company, it is not enough to simply convert something into a digital format 💥.

The digitization checks are used to bring in external expertise related to digitization. To summarize, you can get help with the following.

1. Do you need help reviewing your IT systems so that they work in a smarter way?
2. or how you can utilize the power of robotic process automation?
3. or are you curious about ai and how it can be used for your business?
4. or help with developing product calculations to see if your products are profitable?

A very satisfied customer's story and the difference it made for them

Examples of customer assignments:

"When we were in a hopeless situation with our implementation from a new CRM system to a new business system, Ulrika came as a saving angel and structured everything so it was easier for us to land right and know which paths to take. Had I known what I know today, we would have hired Ulrika from the start to help us with knowledge, project management and scheduling. She is incredibly competent, structured and it is clear that she wants the best for her clients." The client saved a lot of time with a more efficient system that supports their business.


Want to find out what it takes to get your IT business in order?

It does not have to be difficult or complicated.

Provided you work with the right expert who doesn't make things difficult!

That caring person is me.

My suggestion is that I send you my latest company description that describes in a simple pedagogical way how to take control of the IT part of your business.

📍 IT and digitalization is something we all have to take very seriously whether we like it or not.

📍Dare to take action. The sooner the better.

What is the benefit, you may ask! 💥 The result is up to you but can be summarized with the following benefits!

  1. It is the opportunity to finally take control of your IT tools and your inevitable digitalization.
  2. Just contact me and I will send you the company description. The aim is for you as a company to save time and money by streamlining your processes and flows.
  3. Below you will find a link to Tillväxtverket where you can read more about the digitalization checks. Or contact me directly and I will help you!

Finally, I encourage you to start your digitalization journey today!

Have a wonderful day!

With kind regards,

Ulrika Andreasen

Your "operational" expert when you need clarity and support with IT.

Digihelp AB

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