7 tips for more useful apps!

13 Apr 2023
Apps on mobile

7 Tips for several useful apps 💥 🚀💯.

Dropbox makes it quick and easy to store information securely and access it wherever you are. From your phone, you can upload new files and search through them. If you want to share documents with your colleagues or access files both at home and at work, this is the app for you.
Available for iPhone, iPad and Android. Free of charge.

Evernote is the app for those who love post-it notes. It works the same way, but on your phone. You can write documents with a little or a lot of text, then save it and synchronize it with Evernote on another platform. You can create lists and tag them. You can also record audio notes and image notes in addition to regular text notes.
Available for iPhone, iPad and Android. Free of charge.

The more you surf the internet and use different services, the more passwords you accumulate. Dashlane is an app that makes this easier. It collects all your passwords and many other details to make it easier and faster to log in to your membership and fill out forms. The developer says the app is safe to use.
Available for iPhone, iPad and Android. Free of charge.

✅Visual Timer
Are you also a little less good at setting limits on how much time you should spend on a task or activity? Visual Timer can help you with that. Whether at work or in life.

If you have a blog or website based on WordPress, their own folder can be useful. The app lets you write and edit blog posts and pages, as well as moderate and respond to comments.
Available for iPhone, iPad and Android. Free of charge.

✅Lightroom mobile
Do you also take photos with your smartphone? We thought so. Many of the smart features that photo pros use in the real Adobe Lightroom have been compressed and adapted to work on mobile in this simple app! For example, if you shoot via the app, Lightroom allows you to use higher quality (raw files) and greater editing capabilities. You can edit colors with full control and fine-tune exposure. Plus, it includes smart features to categorize and sort your images.

First up: Brain.fm! An app that, through AI and the magic of science, selects music according to your needs/impacts the brain in the right direction. For example, if you want to work with focus for 60 minutes, work more efficiently for 90 minutes, unwind for 30 minutes or something similar, a music composition is created for this particular purpose. This is an app for those who may have also discovered its somewhat premature predecessor Coffitivity, a desktop app where you can listen to coffee shop sounds/background noise in order to contribute to cognitive creativity. Brain.fm is a more advanced version with the same idea, where the noise is replaced by pleasant sounds and music. The first five sessions are free!

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