Digihelp AB starts new collaboration with IT company Strativ AB

23 Oct 2023
Collaboration with Krisoffer Göransson at Strativ AB

I am very happy to work together with the IT consulting company Strativ AB and Kristoffer Göransson Stockholm. A collaboration to develop a new business system for municipalities.

We focus on

Identify the needs for the IT system
Outline the purpose of the IT system, what it should deliver, and the functionality of the IT system.
Design, user-friendliness, smart logic, and AI to facilitate the user, as well as the latest technology.

We continue the journey together with more collaborations to develop companies and the public sector with new customized IT solutions. With new smart functionality and the latest technology with AI as a component to facilitate the user in the best way possible.

The benefits of cooperation are that you as a customer get access to increased expertise from experts

With Strativ AB as a partner, we can together create IT solutions with the latest technology for our customers. Strativ AB has developed, among other things, the KRY app for booking digital doctor's appointments. The company has many years of experience in developing different types of IT solutions for customers.


Facts about Strativ AB

Strativ AB has offices in Stockholm, Linköping and Dhaka, with over 50 satisfied employees and over 100 satisfied customers, we proudly offer the solutions that specifically meet the customer's needs. Customer experience is of great value to us!

Kristoffer Göransson "We currently have access to 100 very talented system developers"

Operating in two locations - Dhaka and Stockholm - has allowed us to create a community that is truly special. Our team combines the best of both worlds - the ambition and drive of the Bangladeshi IT sector and Sweden's sustainable, technology-driven and forward-thinking culture.

Strativ AB has developers in Dhaka driven to create solutions that change the lives of Scandinavians for the better. Our work-hard-play-hard attitude means that we always focus on delivering both high-quality IT systems and an environment where we take care of each other and ourselves.


Dighelp AB will work proactively to build a powerful network of partners. Firstly, to be able to offer the customer the best IT solutions with the latest technology of ai and RPA robot process automation.

Eventually, this will benefit you as a customer.

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